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Originally called Madison County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Hamel Mutual Insurance Company was founded on March 24, 1872.  Over the years, the company went thru several name changes, with its final name change in 1989.

Hamel Mutual Insurance Company began in the home of a farmer who got together with a few friends to come up with a way to protect their properties against loss from fire and lightning. They ran the company by forming a Board of Directors and provided protection at a cost as low as $6.24 per year. 

As Hamel Mutual Insurance Company grew, so did its coverages.  We now insure against fire and lightning, wind and hail, smoke and water, theft and vandalism, and livestock and farm machinery to name a few.   

Hamel Mutual Insurance Company continues to be controlled by a group of directors that make all-important decisions regarding the Mutual. Eligible director candidates must hold a policy with the Mutual.  The Board of Directors are nominated and then elected at the open Annual Meeting, held the fourth Tuesday of March at 1PM.

The current Board of Directors, shown above, consists of eight members -  (L to R): Carl Becker, C. Phil Engelke, Rob Henke, William S. Meyer - Secretary/Treasurer, Wayne Ruehrup - President, Fred Schulte - Vice President, Terry Albrecht. Not pictured, Dennis Reising. 

Hamel Mutual Insurance Company believes that every person deserves to receive exceptional protection. Get in touch with us today.

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